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I am determined to finish my book by the end of 2012.  This is a new venture for me, non-fiction writing.  Many have suggested, including my psychologist to give it a whirl.  Some days words just flow, other days I struggle, like today.  To confuse me even more, I started writing scenes for my never ending script.  WTH?!  Why am I working on this again?

I had already decided early on that screen writing may not be for me anymore.  So I'm trying my hand at book writing.  My work involves a lot of technical writing and it's been great.  Boring, but great.  I comfort myself with the knowledge that at least I get paid to write, and I get paid well.  Maybe my brain has lost all of its mojo in the two years of writing product descriptions, traning modules and tons of corporate cold emails.

Speaking of emails, I'm so good at writing work emails that I've been receiving positive attention from a number of folks.  Apparently they love the direct approach, keeping it simple style and the "no more than 3" rule.  In other words, if this conversation is going to take more than 3 emails, pick up the damn phone!

I appreciate all the flattery, but I am a bit confuse.  I see this type of writing as cold, curt and condescending.  But hey if it works, why rock the boat.

Now if only I could infuse the same positive energy into my book ...

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